01 April 2008

Something New

Hello Friends... this is a 'piece mill' blog today - please bear with me:

Today I decided to tell you about my 2 new blogs: Natural Thangs and Wild World.

Natural Thangs
is a blog for eco-friendly products and services, petitions, environmental issues, green living and my occasional silly rants. This blog was started on Feb. 23, 2008. I am still linking up to various sites but I think it's ready for the world now.

Wild World is a to help wildlife and pets. Videos, petitions, alerts, etc... are featured. I started this blog on Feb 18, 2008. Again, I am still linking up to important sites and I feel it's now ready for viewing.

With both of my new blogs please look around and check out the websites and weblogs I have linked to.

*I will continue this blog, Terrah's Dawn, as well. I'm not planning on giving it up!

On another note, if you view the top of my blogs now you will find Eco-Safe. I learned about it from a friend. I works great - I have tested it and will use it on all my blogs from now on. Basically it helps to reduce paper waste. Please read all information on their website about the how Eco-Safe helps - it's short and sweet.

I also urge all of you to become a member of Care2, if you are not already - it's free [but you can become a charter member]. You will find all the latest news, petitions, groups, and more.. free email service and ecards. Please learn more about Care2 at this Link: About Us. You can visit me on my Care2 Profile. By joining our Care2 family you will learn more about Spirituality, Animals, the Environment, Science, Astronomy, and more.

I am also one to remind you PLEASE click daily! On my new blogs, you will find a link area entitled: Free: Click or Play to Donate Sites. It only takes me about 10 minutes a day to click all my 'daily clicks' - free, fast, easy and helps. :)

Happy April Fools Day to everyone - wishing you a safe and happy Spring

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